22nd. May Friday – In Valladolid – Location: Consejería de Educación

MULTIPLIER EVENTS- Detailed program

FRIDAY-22/5/2020 Place: Consejería de Educación – Valladolid

Address: Monasterio Nuestra Señora de Prado. Avenida del Real Valladolid s/n 47014 Valladolid

Topic:  Stakeholders discussion/working groups

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9:00-11:30 hs: stakeholders working groups (teachers working on the projects; university teachers;; education decision makers;; pre-service teachers) will debate around prosocial values, inclusive school, STEM and robotics since early childhood and teachers’ professional development in STEM & Prosocial values. The 4 parallel working groups will discuss the state of the art of the topic, and the strategies to effectively include them at schools, based on the results achieved in Botstem project and related European experiences. 3 of the groups will be in English and 1 in Spanish

11.30-12:00: coffee break

12:00-13:00 Plenary session,: Specific guidelines emerging from the working groups will be presented


19:00- 21:00: Concert Solidarity, non charity at Auditorio Miguel Delibes