Teacher’s Prosocial Values Training Platform

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This is  a training platform. You are invited to read the files and at the end to test your knowledge playing our multilingual game



General curriculum for teachers training

General introduction at the basis for the training on ProSocial Learning. The program focuses on teacher’s support by offering key themes, tools, and methods for teaching common values and pro-social behaviour. Description of goals, modules, and target groups.

Solving conflict creatively

Managing conflicts in class is often complicated. They can be transformed in important moments to improve prosocial skills and healthy expression of feeling.

It’s a jungle out there!

Animals can teach something about us. The diversity can be the base on which to build a community/classroom of cooperation, providing an opportunity for personal development in an assertive way.



Storytelling is a powerful tool to develop a values-centred teaching approach and it gives to the students the possibility to form their own world view.


What is the relational importance of non-formal activities in the formal education context? An overview on the use of games and robotics to create a prosocial environment


What is gamification and how to use it in the educational contexts? Practical tips and link to organize and manage a gamified lesson to foster prosocial values


Digital Games Among Peers

The digital games are a daily presence in children’s life. How can they be allies in the promotion of prosocial values?

Serious learning through prosociality

Tools and advice to create lesson plans for discussing about prosociality through the use of videogames in a classroom with students of different ages.

Prosocial Robotics

Educational robotics is a powerful tool to create an inclusive classroom and to analyse the social rules. The presentation collects practical hints to arrange robotics activities in classmates



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