IC “G. Murari” – Scuola Primaria “Collodi” di Valeggio sul Mincio (VR) Classi 2E e 2F

Second grade E and F

The annual project implemented in the second E and F classes of the primary school “Collodi” is based on prosocial values for the promotion of positive relations and cooperation. The activities are aimed at fostering the spirit of collaboration among pupils and finally inclusiveness through the use of Clementoni DOC robots in a cooperative way in small groups of pupils.

Prosocial Week Activities IC Valeggio 2EF

IC “G. Murari” – Scuola Primaria “Collodi” di Valeggio sul Mincio (VR) Second grade C and D

Second grade C and D

The objective of this intervention, consisting of 4 meetings, is to provide opportunities for reflection on diversity and tools for anger management, to prevent conflicts. Starting from the book ” Quando Evaristo si arrabbia” (When Evaristo gets angry), the children reflect on their emotional reactions and the needs that underlie them, creating posters and playing cards that are used in the last meeting to play and program the Clementoni DOC robot.

Prosocial Week Activities IC Valeggio 2CD

IC “G. Murari” – Scuola Primaria “Collodi” di Valeggio sul Mincio (VR)

The proposed multidisciplinary activity brings together scientific and humanistic subjects with robotics, in order to encourage the inclusion of two pupils who have recently arrived in Italy, help children with difficulties and stimulate the spirit of collaboration between pupils as a prevention of bullying. The activity takes place in 5 different times and uses both the Clementoni DOC robot and the code.org portal..

Prosocial Week Activities IC Valeggio 2AB

IC Pisano – Caldiero (VR)

The teachers of the IC Pisano di Caldiero (VR) have carried out a bullying prevention activity for fourth grade students through the reading of the book “Ciripò” and the creation of a path for bluebot robots. In this project, the working methods are Inquiry-based learning, educational robotics and engineering design.

Prosocial Week Activities IC Pisano Caldiero

IC Madonna di Campagna San Michele Scuola primaria “Luigi Dorigo” (VR)

Teachers present their practical approach during teaching activities to facilitate inclusion and participation in school activities. In particular, the activity described focuses on creating and strengthening group identity, individual contribution, elaboration of negative emotions, and other important relational aspects of the class.

Prosocial Week Activities IC Madonna di Campagna – Dorigo