The curriculum for the teachers training is aimed at providing  to teachers practical knowledge to promote the prosocial values in their classes. The document includes the description of the training modules developed by the experts of the project.
The main topics are: Prosocial robotics, Prosociality as a game, How to Set ProSocial Values Atmosphere via Digital Games Among Peers, Serious learning through prosociality (3 cases how to accommodate it in real classroom using games) Ou
r challenge: highlighting the best in humanity (gamification in classroom) , It’s a jungle out there! (develop empathy and understanding), Storytelling frames for forming an “Universal worldview”, Conflict resolution in classroom,

TRAINING MATERIALS from the courses hosted in Uşak (TR) 25th February 1st March 2019 Panevėžys (LT) 8th – 13th October 2019.

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