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To be prosocial is a complex behavior and it requires sensitivity, awareness and skills at different levels: personal, relational, social and universal values. Even if the majority of the games collected involve values in all of these four fields, we identified two main topics for each of them and gathered them together in order to ease the researches of the teachers when they recognize the need to work on a specific prosocial topic within her/his class with the help of digital games.

The prosocial values are divided as follow:

Personal skills

  • Personal relationship/friendship/family

  • Empathy

  • Emotions

Relational skills:

  • Respect/tolerance/accept the differences

  • Equality/equity

  • Solidarity

  • Help each other

  • Cooperation

  • Gratitude

Social skills:

  • Communication/multilingualism

  • Citizenship

  • Education

Universal values:

  • Ethics

  • Peace/democracy

  • Freedom

  • Responsibility

  • Environment/nature

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