Prosocial value charter for students

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Prosocial values are the basis for building a better society and we can all actively build it with our actions.

This is why I commit myself every day to living according to these values:

PEACE is a value in which to believe and this means seeking the solution to conflicts and problems without the use of force or violence, listening to others and giving them importance

SOLIDARITY means engaging in helping anyone in need, without making distinctions of provenance, age, ability,…; solidarity is what makes us stand by and defend those in need

TOLERANCE is a value that must guide relationships with others and that is what shows diversity as something that enriches us and not as a threat for us

RESPECT is the value that allows everyone to be themselves and be considered equal; in respect there is no judgement there is acceptance

EQUITY is the idea that everyone should have the same possibilities and exercise the same rights; equity and fairness are the values behind the commitment to overcome physical and social barriers

COOPERATION is the value that allows us to reach a common goal; cooperation makes it clear that everyone’s contribution is unique and important

MUTUAL AID and GRATITUDE is what leads to support others without judging their difficulty, because help is something that is given and received and when this happens it is important to know how to thank and reciprocate

EMPATHY is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of the other trying to understand what he is experiencing and what emotions he feels; it is a value because empathy strengthens relationships

POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS Creating and maintaining these kinds of relationships based on respect and positive communication becomes a value for building a better society

FREEDOM is a fundamental value that allows everyone to express themselves, to have their own thoughts and be themselves without being judged; everyone’s freedom must respect that of others

CITIZENSHIP we are all part of a society and everyone must commit to make the place where he lives a better and more just place for everyone

CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT is an important value made by many daily actions aimed at the protection of nature and animals

MULTILINGUALISM AND COMMUNICATION are the two values that open up to other cultures, which allow the exchange of ideas and knowledge