Prosocial value community Nobody Less




The ProSocial Values International Community is a network of schools and educational institutions believe in in the importance of the values like empathy, generosity, respect, solidarity etc. Are the foundation of the civil society and they are ready to represent their adherence to those values at national and international level. The ProSocial Values Community involve schools and stakeholders across Europe, centering on teachers eager to adopt prosociality as their daily school practice as a pillar of every daily life. This community aims at bringing a real change in the way the children learn to coexist in a better way. The spreading of prosocial values and skills among the pupils, will help the schools to lower the events of bullying and/or social exclusion and it will have an impact also at social level, paving the way for a peaceful and inclusive society.

In the community there are different levels of roles in this community:

  • National coordinator

Member of the council of the network and representing the countries’ ambassadors schools and teachers. It has to be nominated by the Institution project’s .

  • Institutional Ambassadors

As National coordinators of the community, these Ambassadors, which at the beginning are the project’s partners organizations, represent an educational institution (a public body or an organization with national impact) and they are gathered in the transnational council of the ProSocial Values Community through their Representative persons, one per country, who will be appointed as council member.. .

Their role is to:

  • represent a contact point for the members of the Community at national level

  • aggregate and convince new schools to join the Community

  • organization of yearly events (minimum one conference or workshop a year) and coordinate local “Prosocial week”

  • upload educational material, videos, lesson units, contributing to enrich the material to provide and the dissemination of the good practices

  • set up the most appropriate communication channels with the adherent schools (news, announcements, newsletters, integration with face-to-face meetings, etc.)

  • Ambassador Schools

The schools part of the ProSocial Values Community are places where the values are taught and promoted in the daily educational routine involving also the local community. The Ambassador Schools sign a manifesto on the ProSocial Values and adopt it.

Their role is to:

  • taking part to the “ProSocial week”

  • organize prosocial activities involving students and local community

  • adopt the Prosocial Values manifesto

  • Ambassador Teachers

The Ambassadors are motivated, dynamic teachers that serve as nodes for the Community in their local context. By joining the community teachers have the opportunity to access educational materials related to prosociality (i.e. learning plans, hands-on activities, articles and on line resources), share best practices, questions, thoughts, ideas and inspiration with colleagues from all around Europe, propose topics for discussion; additionally they are able to get advice on how to design activities that promote skills like friendship, feelings, cooperation, fairness, generosity and trust.

Their role is to:

  • involve the students, their colleagues and the local community

  • create educational activities on prosociality (inside and outside the school) and upload them contributing to enrich the material to provide and the dissemination of the good practices

  • involve the other teachers and collect their activities

How the Ambassadors are selected:

The Institutional Ambassadors:

At the moment, they are representatives of ProSocial Values project partners, but this role can be open to other responsible from public or private organisations or networks that can involve more than 20 schools.

The institutional Ambassadors have to recruit members to ProSocial Values community, support them, promote and sponsor local events or seminars and workshops about prosociality.

The Ambassador Schools:

The schools that want to become Ambassadors of the ProSocial Values have to be represented by a headmaster is motivated to host at least one prosocial activity involving the school and the local community and at least one teacher organizing educational activities on prosocial values, contributing to enrich the material available for the Community.

The Ambassador Teachers:

A teacher or a person who want to become Ambassadors can apply to the institutional ambassador even if not part of an Ambassador School. The teacher have to:

  • be motivated to participate and have an interest in learning and sharing experiences and good practices

  • have a basic knowledge of English in order to allow the international communication with the other Ambassadors

  • create at least one prosocial activity

  • be active in the online community