Database of prosocial games: this database will gather the main digital serious game that can be used by the teachers to teach prosocial values. Each game will be described and analysed in its educational aspects

Curriculum for teachers’ training: it will include the aims, acquisitions, content, activities that can be done in the course of the prosocial skills teaching processes. The training will be structured in two phases and will mix formal and non formal method in order to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills on how to teach prosocial values. A particular attention will be given to the teaching through digital media.

Implementation of the platform for the training The modules of the training will be adapted for the online platform, all the training materials will be uploaded and kept available after a free registration. Moreover a multi-lingual and multilevel serious game will be developed to assess the competences acquired with questions of growing difficulty.

Evaluation tools for the piloting phase the project aims at test how much the prosocial digital games can impact on the change in the social situation of the schools involved, so tools for the quantitative and qualitative measurement of this impact will be produced. The target groups considered will be: teachers, directors/headmasters, pupils.

Piloting phase test phase will take place form October 2019 to June 2020, involving all the schools of the community collecting data with the tools developed within the project.

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