Prosocial behaviour and schooling

On this short article, it is talked about how developing prosocial behaviours has related positively not only with the emotional well-being but also to intellectual outcomes at school. You can also find recent research results on the topic, research gaps, conclusions and implications related to the contribution that prosociality has either on social and academic success at school.



Why teaching kindness in schools

An interesting article that talks about scientific studies that prove there are many physical, emotional, and mental health benefits associated with kindness.

Kindness change the brain. The good feelings that arise when being kind generates endorphins and it also increases serotonin levels and the chemical affects learning,  memory, mood, sleep, digestion and health…As an asset, a kind behavior encourages a more kind behavior which makes kindness a key tool against bullying and as result it also contributes to create warm and inclusive school enviroments.

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